Wellness & Fasting

Cleansing at the deepest level Spend one week fasting in a mountain environment and doing daily treks to replenish your body and mind. Professionally guided and open for all, with groups no bigger than 6 people to give you all the attention you need. What’s the point of fasting? Our digestive system is said to […]

Art in the Wilderness with Philmar

September 9th to 10th 2017 Phillip Martin has 30 years of professional musical experience and teaches singing based on instrospection and listening to oneself. Connecting to one’s nature, to our environment, and to those around us makes way for our natural creativity. The ViaYoga Center, 1000m high and bordering the National Park of Jura and […]

Tummo Yoga Retreat in Kyrgyzstan

From December 27th 2018 to January 4th 2019 Issyk-Kul, the “Warm Lake”, is the second largest saline lake in the world. Surrounded by Kyrgyz plains and mountains (the beginning of the Himalayan chain), its underwater thermal springs create a warm microclimate in the whole region. In winter, it’s really not that hot (1°C), but that […]

Medicine of Love

January 13th to 14th 2018 We will weave together various practices, ceremonies, circles and workshops in order to deepen our self-knowledge and bring us ever-closer to our ancestral essence of love. The transversal language used by Mallkikuna in every one of her practices forms the ritual transmission of medicine, an ancient way of healing and […]

Didgeridoo with Gauthier Aubé

September 24th 2017 A renowned teacher all throughout France, Gauthier Aubé has been performing on the biggest didgeridoo scenes and wrote several books on the practice. We have the honor to host him here at Viayoga Center for a one-day workshop and small concert. Lessons adapt to every student’s level, but it’s still recommended to […]

Musical Journey to India

August 5th to 6th 2017 Tritha Sinha, born in Calcutta, is a child of music. She studied classical Indian music from the age of 5 and created her unique style, attracting fans from both India and Europe. She will teach us rythm, breathing, and voice, help us discover vocal harmony and develop our musical ear. […]

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

Cook and eat according to Ayurveda Have you ever wondered why you eat? Just to satisfy your taste sense-door, fill your stomach, quench your hunger? Find answers to questions like what should we eat, when should we eat, how should we eat, and what to avoid. Determine dietary needs according to your Ayurvedic constitution and […]