Tummo Yoga Retreat in Kyrgyzstan

From December 27th 2018 to January 4th 2019

Issyk-Kul, the “Warm Lake”, is the second largest saline lake in the world. Surrounded by Kyrgyz plains and mountains (the beginning of the Himalayan chain), its underwater thermal springs create a warm microclimate in the whole region. In winter, it’s really not that hot (1°C), but that still means it never freezes, providing the perfect environment to grow our own inner fire by bathing together, submerged for longer and longer periods of time, losing ourselves in song, trance, and meditation. This transforming retreat will be led by Phillipe Djoharikian, a teacher of Tummo Yoga (the Yoga of cold) and Himalayan Kriyas. Our immune system is reborn and we transcend ourselves.

Pricing: 400 euros per person, including the teaching, transport from the airport, food and lodging

Accomodation: Private rooms or double rooms by the lakeside

Food: Vegetarian meals are included for the whole length of the course

To Apply: Contact Iva Viatte: viayoga.ch@gmail.com, +4122 366 39 80