Your guest room,

your guest house

The space is open for all. Welcome home.

For guests as well as hosts in the house, this shared experience cultivates our qualities: generosity, tolerance, fellowship, open-mindedness. Both sides benefit, learn, wisen, and simply have a good time.

The house provides a number of bedrooms and washrooms, a kitchen, laundry facilities, wellness area, sauna, lounge to study or relax, and spacious garden with terrace. A private parking area is also provided and all rooms have Wifi. The 60 m2 yoga room is open for all and can easily be transformed into a dormitory for families or large groups.

We are open to all types of stays, be it for a single night or a month or longer, and we have prices adapted to every situation. If you’re interested, please contact us or visit us in person! For prices, see the prices page.


little haven in the mountain

The place is peaceful with forests in every direction. Go trekking, berry-picking, or meditate under a tree. The Fruitière de Nyon, a dairy farm overlooking Lake Geneva and the Mont Blanc, is an hour’s walk up the mountain from Viayoga and makes for a very enjoyable trip.

In winter Saint-Cergue is famous for cross-country skiing, and a set of Alpine Ski tracks are also available, literally in the village center.

Booking and Payment

You are always welcome to show up randomly, given we have enough space. You can also make last-minute bookings or up to one year in advance: just contact us at +41 79 573 01 66 or at You can also check live availability at, and click-to-reserve with instant confirmation.

We accept payment by credit card. Room reservations made through are paid through their website, but if you want to directly pay us for workshops, lessons, rental, or any other reason, you can follow this link, secured by Paypal: