Schedules & Pricing

Schedules, pricing

renting the center

Every kind of workshop and event is welcome here

The following schedules can be changed to suit your needs. We also offer private or semi-private lessons on demand, and all one-time events listed under the “workshops” page can be repeated. We rent out the yoga spaces and guesthouse rooms for your own events, lessons and activities: the whole center, parking areas, kitchen, and garden are at your disposal in a warmly family atmosphere.


Renting the Yoga Room

  • Weekly lessons: 40 chf per hour
  • Workshops and seminars: The yoga room and center’s facilities can be rented for one day, weekend, week, or any length you may choose. All kinds of workshops take place here, from yoga (Rodolphe Millat) to dance (Jean-Daniel Fricker) to didgeridoo (Gauthier Aubé) to singing (Laboratorium Piesni). Rental fees are calculated as 30% of whatever the participants are paying or a flat 250 chf: the choice is yours. For more details, check out the Viayoga Rental Charter.


  • Yoga (90 minutes):  30 chf
  • Private lesson: 100 chf per hour
  • Pranayama, meditation, dance, Afghan walking, juggling, didgeridoo, singing: on request, contact us!


  • 30 minute massage: 60 chf
  • One hour massage: 110 chf
  • 90 minute massage: 150 chf
  • Pindaswedana and Shirodhara: 150 chf for one hour
  • Baby or child massage: 80 chf for 30 minutes
  • Sauna: 20 chf for a steam bath or sauna following the massage

Ayurvedic Consultations

100 chf for one hour. According to your constitution and body type, we give Ayurvedic guidelines in lifestyle, nutrition, self-massage, and yoga postures selected to heal your specific symptoms or simply to live a happy and healthy life. Certified by ASCA means the massages, consultations, and yoga lessons can be covered by your insurance.


  • First person for 40 chf, only 20 chf for massage or guesthouse customers, and 10 chf for each additional person. Up to one hour in length.

Wellness Retreats

The daily price for wellness retreats varies according to which therapies you choose. We suggest 230 chf, which includes:

  • One 90-minute full body massage (Abhyanga)
  • One steam bath
  • An Ayurvedic dinner
  • A night in one of our guesthouse rooms
  • A homemade breakfast


  • One night in single room: 80 chf
  • One night in double room (1 person): 90 chf
  • One night in double room (2 people): 130 chf
  • One month in single room: 1100 chf
  • Week-long stay: 7th night is free
  • One month in double room (1 person): 1300 chf
  • One month in double room (2 people): 1800 chf
  • Breakfast: 12 chf
  • Simple healthy shared vegetarian meal: 20 chf

Each room has space for up to 5 people. The price for each extra person is:

  • Ages 0 – 4: free
  • Ages 5 – 12: 30 chf per night
  • Ages 13 and up: 50 chf per night

Other requests?

Feel free to contact us if you have any kind of special request that isn’t listed above. We are human and open to anything!

Weekly Lessons

MondayYoga10 – 11:30amIva
TuesdayYoga7:00 – 8:30pmIva
ThursdayYoga10 – 11:30am Iva
SundayYoga*10 – 11:30amIva

*These lessons are on request. Please give us a call first.