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By train: take the underground stairs in the Nyon train station. The little red train leaves every 30 minutes and the stop for Saint-Cergue is clearly shown. When you get off the train, turn left, follow the tracks for less than a minute and then cross the railway. Stay along this road (Route d’Arzier) for 800 meters, and after this short 10-minute walk you will see the Viayoga sign on your left.

By car, there’s a direct road up the mountain from Nyon to Saint-Cergue with quite a few scenic photo opportunities. Saint-Cergue is clearly mentioned on the road signs leaving Nyon, and once you get to the Saint-Cergue village center, go straight through the roundabout and you will see our sign within a few minutes.

On foot, for backpack junkies: you can walk directly from Nyon up the mountain on a foresty path that will make for a pleasant 2-hour trek.

Centre Viayoga
Chemin des Perce-Neige 4
1264 Saint-Cergue

The Team

Iva Viatte is at the heart of the Viayoga projet, which started with a dream: build a home in Saint-Cergue that would seamlessly mix spirituality, hospitality, and Swiss cows. After 13 years of ripening, the center is now sweet and fragrant, going beyond even our expectations. How lucky are we to live in this culture hub that sees spiritual, physical, musical activities, and faces from the whole world.

“All great projects start with a dream. Stop wasting time and go to bed!”

  • Unknown Author

Joseph Viatte lives from contact juggling, Butoh dance and performance arts. Since his radical shift at the age of 16, he’s joined all kinds of teams and juggled the world.

He both lives on stage and on-site, helping the center in countless ways, creating workshops to teach danse, juggling, object manipulation and other movement arts. To get an idea, you can check out his shows and practices on his website or YouTube channel.

jOnas Viatte plays and teaches music for all ages. Singing improv, Didgeridoo, percussions, and musical awakening. He also organizes seminars around the Didgeridoo.

His approach emphasizes present-moment awareness and intuition. Music is a shared experience, both joyful and healing: the art of listening to eachother and listening to oneself.

Find him on his Youtube channel or website,

Ben Viatte is on a pilgrimage to Dharamshala, India, on foot. Such a trip is hardly completed overnight, and it’s been more than 4 years since he last made the beds for our beloved guests at Viayoga. But he tries to make up for it by brandishing a white flag across the globe to promote peace, and by sending love vibes wherever he can. Sometimes, he even takes care of electrons and code by creating websites like the one you’re seeing here. This helps finance the trip and pays respect to the folks back home.

As we speak, he has reached India and is in Himachal Pradesh, just a few steps away (well, 84’000) from Dharamshala. You can see him on Facebook, Youtube, or his website

Philippe Lognoul is trained in tantra-ayurveda-tao massage ( He also teaches Aware Parenting ( and practices Humanistic Communication (

The skills he developed during 20 years include free expression and emotional companionship, working on the body and its feelings, which makes an invaluable addition to his practice of tantric massage. Philippe also organizes one-on-one lessons, and workshops for couples and groups in tantra-ayurveda-tao massage, as well as tantric meditation and yoga sessions.

Get in touch at:
+41 78 6980048 (Switzerland)
+32 496 799 881 (European Union)
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Ilaria is a yogini deep down in her soul. She discovered yoga as a child and started practicing sun salutations and yoga nidra as a teenager. Later on, life gave gave her the opportunity to deepen her practice in London and then Geneva, where she decided to follow a 4-year long teacher training at Yoga7. She qualified as a Yoga Switzerland teacher in 2016.
Ilaria is a mom of 3 kids and yoga allowed her to live her pregnancies in a conscious way and fall in love with the power of feminine energy. The yogic philosophy of tantra has a profound imprint on her yoga practice and alongside traditional hatha yoga, she is deeply inspired by meditation on chakras and the elements. She offers hatha yoga classes suitable for all levels. In her classes, she strives to find a balance between effort and relaxation and loves incorporating all aspects of hatha yoga, including breathing exercises, mantras, yoga nidra and meditation.

Get in touch at:
+41 76 607 98 35