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Ayur-Veda: Sanskrit word meaning “knowledge of life”

Viayoga is equipped with a wellness area that includes massage room, sauna, and steam bath. Massages and treatments both follow Ayurvedic principals, an ancient healing system born in the dawn of India. This traditional medicine covers every aspect of life, prescribing a diet and lifestyle specific to each individual’s Ayurvedic constitution, known as Doshas. Ayurveda’s therapies include massage, yoga, pranayama, meditation, and various purification techniques.

Iva Viatte

Therapist in Ayurvedic Medicine

Iva has been practicing Yoga for 40 years, teaching for 18, and was qualified in 2015 as an Ayurvedic Therapist.

She started with specialized studies in biology and chemistry followed by 15 years of medical analysis in Czech Republic and Switzerland. Yoga has been part of her life since the earliest years. She later left Switzerland to teach Yoga in the United States and receive the Diploma for Certified Yoga Instructors (1000 hours) delivered by the Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors.

Her road then led back to Switzerland to start Ayurvedic studies in the SAMA Academy, giving her the title of Ayurvedic Therapist which covers both massage and consultations.


What makes Ayurvedic Massage unique is its use of different oils and plant decoctions that follow the theory of the 5 elements and 3 doshas (constitutions) as depicted by Ayurvedic science.

The first vedic texts mentioning this type of massage date back to 1800 BC. It’s an essential part of Ayurvedic Medicine, helping the body heal itself, and an invaluable tool as much in preventive medicine as in India’s intensive treatments known as Panchakarma. The first and foremost Ayurvedic massage type is called Abhyanga, a full-body treatment and basis for countless other massage techniques in Indian Medicine.

For every condition Ayurveda prescribes a specific massage: joint pain, nervous or muscular symptoms, asthma, allergies, emotional stress… and every massage enhances the lymphatic system as well as providing deep relaxation. Don’t hesitate to ask a therapist for advice regarding the exact massage type suitable to your situation or condition. More than 20 types are available, ranging from a length of 30 minutes up to 2 hours.


Full body massage with hot medicinal oils

Based on the body’s 7 energetic centers, known as chakras, Abhyanga’s foremost function is to balance and harmonize. The masseur’s role is to act upon the Nadis – energetic channels that contain pressure points – to make vital energy, known as Prana, circulate harmoniously throughout the body. By using circular pressure, sliding, friction, accupressure and stretching, Abhyanga makes the body relax in a fluid and moderated rythm. Recommended for fatigue, sleeping disorders, depression, muscular pain, tendon or joint pain, and emotional or mental stress.


Hot nourishing oil massage with herbal cotton pads

The pads are filled with a special mixture of cooked rice and medicinal herbs. This massage warms the joints, making a perfect remedy for those climate-sensitive and prone to arthritis or rheumatism. It stimulates blood and energy flow as well as deeply nourishing the skin.


Head Massage

Our head often accumulates stress and anxiety, affecting the face and leading to neck pain. Done on a regular basis, Shiroshampi evacuates the ill-effects from this stress. This massage also serves as a prelude to Shirodhara.

The physiological effects include reduced migraines, insomnia, and enhanced memory and concentration. It also improves eyesight and has a deep calming effect.

Mardana Marma

Whole-body massage focused on the Marmas (vital points)

A hot, medicinal, and slightly anesthetic oil allows deep work on the vital points, known as Marmas. These Marmas are the point of convergence between matter and consciousness. Windows, or openings, into the deeper parts of our organisms. This massage balances and harmonizes our body’s energies.


Whole-body scrub with therapeutic powders

Ubtan relaxes and softens the skin, giving it a satin feel. It is based on natural, nourishing powders and cleans the skin at the deepest level. Amongst the ingredients, turmeric provides a form of iodine that can directly be absorbed by the body, and the flour-oil mixture in Ubtan serves to clean and lubricate.


Detox massage with medicinal powders

This scrubbing technique effectively reduces obesity, cellulite, lumbago, and enhances the skins elasticity. The water and toxins stored in fat cells is drained out. The mixture generally used is based on chickpea powder, and other spices are added in like cinammon, fenugreek, turmeric, and cardamom.


Leg Treatment

Gamathi comes from a Sanskirt term meaning “leading to” or “walking”. This treatment reduces heat, lightens, and soothes the pain in your legs. It also refreshes and uncongests at the vein level, leading to improved microcirculation.

The physiological effects include reduced varices and edema, and the soothening of heavy, painful legs. It stimulates bloodflow too and cleanses toxins as well as dead cells, inducing in-depth muscle relaxation and flexibility.


A warm forehead flow of medicinal oil

Shirodhara eliminates fatigue, brings vitality, improves memory and restores balance of the Doshas, inducing mental clarity and a soothed nervous system. It is typically prescribed for insomnia, neurological disorders, mental stress, eye disease, memory loss, and dizziness. This is quite a powerful technique for which a medical prescription is highly recommended.


Indian Reflexology

This massage treats the feet’s soles with a small Tibetan bowl made from a specific 5-metal alloy, along with Ghee (Indian clarified butter). It’s prescribed for cephalalgia, mental agitation, sleeping disorders and general inflammation, but it also calms the mind, releases excess heat stored in the body, and prevents sciatica and stiff necks. The saying goes: stiff feet make a stiff mind.

Prasapurve Tirumu

Massage for pregnant women

This prenatal massage is a natural solution to ease muscular pain in the lower back and shoulders, as well as cramps linked with pregnancy. It also cures headaches, sciatica, and relieves nausea. In this way pregnant women can discover the benefits of touch and bodily contact for themselves as well as for their coming child.

Done on a regular basis, massage during pregnancy is a precious gift that sets the stage for giving birth harmoniously.

Pushtikara Thirumu

Child and baby massage

This massage ensures your child will grow up in the healthiest way and also teaches you to keep practicing at home, making a deeply beneficial change in those precious early years. It strengthens the link between parent and child, and you can always choose between witnessing the massage or applying it yourself with guided instructions from the therapist.

Wellness Retreats

We offer holistic retreats of any length you may choose. These include massage, sauna, yoga lessons, Ayurvedic cooking lessons and meals, as well as lodging in one of our guesthouse rooms, access to the wellness area, and Yoga room.

The meals are made of fresh organic foods, selected according to Ayurvedic principals. Trekking and Afghan Walking are also offered so you can enjoy the exceptional mountain scenery and fresh air around Saint-Cergue.

Ayurvedic Consultations

According to your constitution and body type, we give Ayurvedic guidelines in lifestyle, nutrition, self-massage, and yoga postures selected to heal your specific symptoms or simply to live a happy and healthy life.

Certified by ASCA: massages, consultations, and yoga lessons can be covered by your health insurance.