Body Resonance with Yumiko

April 26 – 28 2024 “I call my dance approach Body Resonance based on Butoh and Organic Movement” Belonging to a third generation of Butoh artists, Yumiko has developed a personal style of bodywork called Body Resonance, which integrates Butoh practice with features of Noguchi Taiso gymnastics and various other Asian training methods to help […]

Singing co-improv with Gaël Aubrit

November 24 to 26, 2023 An incredibly rich and meaningful practiceCo-improvisation is an entirely improvised form of a cappella music in which there is no leader and each person is free to sing whatever they like. Incredibly rich and meaningful, this practice can be approached from very different angles. Some people seek above all a […]

Concert and workshop by Tritha

August 11 to 13, 2023 Indian classical singing workshop“If you can speak, you can Sing! “ Breathing exercises, dynamic & hammering to muscle vocal cords. This workshop is to break the idea that singing is a god-gifted quality. “Anybody and everybody can sing!” This is what my Gurus have said over the last 30 years of […]

Concert by Néfur and Jonas V

Friday, July 28 A musical journey in song, with recordings from Iceland. Vulgia is a series of fully improvised concerts in which Catalan artist Néfur interweaves her voice with the sounds of nature she recorded in Iceland, England and Spain, collaborating with different musicians across Europe for each live performance.  In St-Cergue, Néfur will be […]

Clowning Retreat

9th to 10th February 2023, by Nicolas Mahnich Being a clown, in a way, is playing with what is here. This game can be expressed in many different ways: Movement, dance, eye contact, sound, speech, singing… Playing and being, while keeping it light.Whatever comes out of you, however it comes out, why it comes out. […]

Playfight Immersion and Training

January 12 – 18 2023, by Matteo Tangi Do you love embodiment, emotional awareness and conscious relating? If yes get ready to be surprised because this event will nurture and enrich you in ways you don’t expect. Imagine bringing together Wild Play, Conscious Fighting, and Healing Work. Unusual yet very powerful mix!  12-15 January 2023: […]

Seidr Shamanic Retreat

December 2nd to 4th 2022 Following the Song of the Wild Seidr is a Northern European ancestral tradition with traits from shamanism (especially animism & mediumship), witchcraft and mystery & magic traditions. It teaches us how to use power and bring about change in service to All of Life. And it weaves an unbreakable bond […]

Shamanic Constellations

November 5th 2022 A shamanic constellation resolves whatever energetic distortion or entanglement there is and heals the relations we have with ourselves and our surroundings by restoring harmony and a natural flow of life force. Shamanic constellation is one of the most potent and transformative group healing tools we know. This is a half-day event, […]

Bhakti Yoga with Yogi Maheshwar

July 7th to 9th 2022 Hatha and Bhakti YogaIn this 3-day workshop led by renowned Yogi Maheshwar, we will combine sitting in silence, devotional chanting, the practice of Khecari Mudra, and the pillars of yoga – Asana, Pranayama, and Dharana. “I am no Master! I can’t fully understand the inner world of an aspirant, to […]

Circlesongs Lab

From February 7th to 11th, by Nicolas Mahnich Labs are space-times of exploration around collective improvised singing that lead to intensive work. We go through the process of kneading music with our voices, sometimes to contemplate it from global point of view, sometimes to dissect all its concepts and details. An invitation to enrich our […]

Winter Dances

January 7th – 9th, by Urs Stauffer During this workshop, I will offer a space in which our winter dances may be born. The location is ideal for a residential workshop and invites us to return within ourselves, as well as a opening out to those around us. We will explore simple structures in order […]

Voice and Movement

November 19th to 21st, by Lisa Tatin This course is intended for anyone with an interest in the voice, no prerequisites are necessary. It is structured in 3 phases: Phase 1: Collective warm-up, based on gentle stretching, exercises to become aware of the elements necessary for vocal support (diaphragm, intercostals, jaw in particular) and finally […]

Bhakti Yoga with Yogi Maheshwar

Weekend from July 16th to 18th 2021 Hatha and Bhakti YogaIn this one-weekend workshop led by renowned Yogi Maheshwar, we will combine sitting in silence, devotional chanting, the practice of Khecari Mudra, and the pillars of yoga – Asana, Pranayama, and Dharana. Shiva TempleThe Sunday ceremony will include the practice of lingastakam – devotional singing […]

Taoism and the Yi Jing

3 lessons in December and January (online, open price) This is a series of 3 online lessons on Taoism, specifically the Yi Jing (the Book of Changes), which are on December 5th, January 17th and January 30th. They are 2 hours-long each, accessible from anywhere and for anyone, at open price. The teacher is Laurent […]