Body Resonance with Yumiko

April 26 – 28 2024

“I call my dance approach Body Resonance based on Butoh and Organic Movement”

Belonging to a third generation of Butoh artists, Yumiko has developed a personal style of bodywork called Body Resonance, which integrates Butoh practice with features of Noguchi Taiso gymnastics and various other Asian training methods to help prepare the body to receive and transmit dance and inspirations. Body Resonance starts from the idea that the world, including our body and soul, consists of vibrational waves that create constant resonances like echoes.

“When we tune our body to that frequency, we receive images, feelings and sensations accordingly. For this to happen, we need first to shake off unnecessary tension. In effect, we make a white canvas of our body to paint new colour on it. I teach this as neutralization, encouraging a close-to-zero state, scouring off rust and polishing antenna to catch waves from profound layers of the body. The transformations and concentrations of dancing break up the eggshell of form. They melt down the armour of our ego, allowing resonant memories to emerge from our cells that are floating in the primal liquid of time.”

Workshop Content: Release exercises, inspired by Noguchi Taiso (Gymnastics), Taichi and Yoga, breathing exercises, dynamic training for the flow of energy, Butoh-related work to activate our universal memories (sensitization, combination of image and movement with antenna exercises such as figure of 8, water ball, animal, insect, snake, witch and fairy, the creatures inside us, hanging body, walking, dialogue with a partner etc), structured improvisation, free association


  • Friday: 18:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10:30 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 18:00 (Sunday until 17:30)

Participation fee: Early bird prices (if reservation before March 1st), 200 francs/euros. Full price: 220 francs/euros, or 90 francs/euros per day Saturday and Sunday, 60 francs/euros on Friday, so if you wish to participate only on certain days it is possible.

Accomodation at Viayoga: normal rates and options apply as per the pricing page of our website, with an extra option of dormitory-style lodging in the practice space for 25 francs/euros per night. This would include showers, kitchen, garden, cat, etc, but you’d need to bring your own sleeping bag / bedding.

Meals (organic and vegetarian): Each person brings what they want to eat, or to share, very often people cook together, so in that case please bring a fair amount of one or several organic ingredients, of which some examples are listed below :

  • Vegetables (carrots, potatoes, brocoli, onions)
  • Fruits (bananas, apples, etc)
  • Rice / Bread / Lentils, etc
  • Biscuits, chocolat, deserts
  • Oil, ghee butter
  • Spices, coffee and tea are already available.

There is a small shop about 12 minutes walk from the center where one can purchase basic items.

Yumiko’s website: