Singing co-improv with Gaël Aubrit

November 24 to 26, 2023

An incredibly rich and meaningful practice
Co-improvisation is an entirely improvised form of a cappella music in which there is no leader and each person is free to sing whatever they like. Incredibly rich and meaningful, this practice can be approached from very different angles. Some people seek above all a space for letting go and freedom, while others feel it requires the highest degree of attention and self-sacrifice. Depending on who teaches it, the emphasis may be more on the artistic, spiritual, therapeutic, social, playful or other aspects…

Guided practice will be at the heart of this workshop: improvisations in solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets and more, during which instructions and directions will be given. The aim is above all to make music that is clear, harmonious and coherent, but also meaningful, fun and/or touching. So we’ll probably be working (nothing planned in advance) on things like rhythm, harmony, timbre, volume and nuance, listening, constant adaptation at the service of the music, role changes, structure, intention and connection.

Date: November 24 to 26, 2023

Accommodation: The space is also a guest house, so it is possible to sleep here. You have the option of sleeping on a mattress in the practice room for 20 chf (20 euros) per night. The mattresses are here at your disposal, as well as wool blankets. You can bring a sleeping bag, or a camping liner or sheets.

The other option is renting a private room for 80 chf per night, or a double room for 130 chf (2 people).

In any case, there are showers, bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a garden, a terrace, etc, at your disposal.

Food: Shared meals. Bring what you want to eat and share. The kitchen is at your disposal, and there are are grocery stores and bakeries in the village

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Gaël Aubrit is a singing teacher with passion for improv and CircleSongs. After a degree in Musical Studies, he undertook the “Modern Singing Techniques” by Allan Wright and became a certified teacher, after which he followed workshops in the US with Bobby McFerrin. He is also trained in Nonviolent Communication.

He teaches in all kinds of institutes (Établissement Pénitentiaire pour Mineurs in Rhône, Agence Mayenne Culture, VoxLab in Montpellier, CFMI in Lyon, various theater and music schools) and for many audience types (groups, choruses, professional and amateur singers). He’s also the creator of Improvie, a 3-year training course based on collective vocal improv, and he co-founded Chant Pour Tous, a movement aimed at popularizing vocal improv.