Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Gwenaëlle & Mathieu


From Breath to movement
For 3 days we will explore the links uniting breath and movement. Taoist practices, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu, are invitations to deploy our potential, cultivate well-being, and harmonize the three treasures of Breath, Body and Spirit. Breath is translated from Chinese to Qi, which means both breath and energy.

We are committed to adapting both to the group and to each and every one’s potential. This course will allow you to discover, or re-discover:

  • the physical and subtle breath
  • internal and external connections
  • expression of movement from the Breath

The date will be displayed when the workshop becomes possible

Pricing: between 180 and 360 chf (166 to 332 euros) according to your choice, your ability and your feeling. Guilt free.

Food: Bring vegetables, fruits, rice, oils, or whatever you want to eat: we’ll cook and share.

Lodging: You can sleep in the same space on mattresses on the floor. Just bring your sleeping bag / sheets. Price: 20 chf per night (18 euros). This includes the use of showers, kitchen, garden, cat, etc … Or you can book a private room in our guesthouse. Price: 80 chf per night (75 euros).

Mathieu Salaun

is an artist, always fascinated by movement, but his exploration is holistic. He spent three years in China’s Wudang Mountains, in a traditional school to train in energetic martial arts (Tai Chi, Kung Fu). He also graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Gwenaëlle Baudoux

has been teaching Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga for the past 20 years. Her teaching is enriched by her personal practices (physical, artistic, development and fulfillment of being): free dance and relational movement, Aikido (18 years of practice, 2nd Dan), Somatic Art Performance, Conscious Dreaming.