Concert and workshop by Tritha

August 11 to 13, 2023

Indian classical singing workshop
“If you can speak, you can Sing! “

Breathing exercises, dynamic & hammering to muscle vocal cords. This workshop is to break the idea that singing is a god-gifted quality. “Anybody and everybody can sing!” This is what my Gurus have said over the last 30 years of my training. In this workshop, we will say hello and connect with our vocal chords. We will understand the importance of listening and open these precious tools of awareness we have – the voice and the ear. Meditate through silence and sounds of trees and birds and the tibetan bowl music and learn to calm our mind. Learn some exercises and feel the sounds vibrating inside your bodies, take them bk in your daily life to have a better voice than you have right now.

Concert: Friday 11 August, 19:00

  • Open price concert, please sign up

Workshop: 12-13 Autust. Starts Saturday 10:00

  • Price of the teaching: Sliding scale, between 180 et 280 chf
  • Language: English, with translation into French

Tell us quickly if you’re interested. Tritha is coming from far away, and we need to choose before July 19th if the we maintain the workshop or not, based on the number of participants.

Accommodation: The space is also a guest house, so it is possible to sleep here. You have the option of sleeping on a mattress in the practice room for 20 chf (20 euros) per night. The mattresses are here at your disposal, as well as wool blankets. You can bring a sleeping bag, or a camping liner or sheets.

The other option is renting a private room for 80 chf per night, or a double room for 130 chf (2 people).

In any case, there are showers, bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a garden, a terrace, etc, at your disposal.

Food: Shared meals. Bring what you want to eat and share. The kitchen is at your disposal, and there are are grocery stores and bakeries in the village

Information and registration:


One of India’s most promising musicians and gifted singer, songwriter and composer, Tritha is a rising figure in the world.

She was invited to perform at the Cannes film festival 2019 in France for her music activist score in the “Coup de Cœur” award winning film – “Voyage for Change”. Travelled over 18 countries with her concerts and workshops, Tritha has 11 albums to her credit with her different projects.

If you want to learn more about Tritha, you can have a look at his website