Circlesongs Lab

From February 7th to 11th, by Nicolas Mahnich

Labs are space-times of exploration around collective improvised singing that lead to intensive work. We go through the process of kneading music with our voices, sometimes to contemplate it from global point of view, sometimes to dissect all its concepts and details.

An invitation to enrich our awareness and understanding of music, nourishing our improvs and the way we live them.

Dates: Monday February 7th at 11am to Friday February 11th at 1:30pm

Free, conscious price: no fixed price. You can give or not give anything (or exchange a service or goods), knowing that your presence and enthusiasm are already quite a gift.

Conditions: in spite of the free price, we have to ask for a minimal contribution to cover lodging (dormitory accommodation is included). That amount is 75€ for the whole week, paid in advance, which will also book your spot in the workshop.

Food: The place is equipped with a complete kitchen. The best thing would be to join our food and make cooking teams in shifts to manage everyone’s meals, but we can function otherwise, especially for special diets. To get supplies, you can find a grocery store in the village, and supermarkets 15 minutes away by car.

Accommodation: there is room for everyone on site, the practice room will serve as a large dormitory with mattresses on the floor (remember to bring your sheets). If the idea of a dorm doesn’t suit you, guest rooms are available on site. Contact ViaYoga directly.

To pre-register or request information, please contact Nicolas by email at: