Chinese Pole with Céline

My metal partner and I ask ourselves a lot of questions about life.

Our usefulness in this chaotic world, our future together. So, as a first step in this project, I wanted to search by sight, to lose myself and find myself while being watched. An attempt to try and try again, to let the sparks appear. To the rhythm of the comings and goings between the pole and the space, to strip myself down to my core, to stand before you naked, no longer hiding. Daring to offer myself to the moment, vulnerable.

30-minute improvisation to reveal myself to you, to make do with what’s there, from where I am, to where I don’t know. Let’s meet on July 19 at 6:30 p.m., with 30 minutes to settle in, get in the mood, and get to know each other. The show will be followed by a pot luck. If possible, bring a little something to eat and share.

In case of rain, the show will be modified and will happen indoors.