Medicine of Love

January 13th to 14th 2018

We will weave together various practices, ceremonies, circles and workshops in order to deepen our self-knowledge and bring us ever-closer to our ancestral essence of love. The transversal language used by Mallkikuna in every one of her practices forms the ritual transmission of medicine, an ancient way of healing and sharing knowledge. Connecting to the ancestral memory inside of us and Pachamama, connecting with the energy of love that nourishes creation and being, and expanding it for it to become a medicine, not only for ourselves but for every relation around us.

Pricing: 250 chf for the entire weekend, including one night in the Yoga room. Mattresses and blankets will be provided, but if you can it would help to bring your own sleeping bag and sheets.

Date: Saturday January 13th, 9:30 am to Sunday January 14th, 6:30 pm

Food: Bring whatever you want to share buffet-style for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner as well as breakfast are optional for 10 chf extra

To Apply: or,
079 464 17 91 ou 0039 331 413 82 64

Creation is the most direct expression of love, renewing at every instant, and forms part of the ancestral memory, planetary and cosmic, present in everything. Love, according to this vision, is the most powerful energy of creation, transformation and healing that nourishes every particule of creation, that we can all heal and that we must expand in the new age.