Laboratorium Pieśni

January 12th to 13th, 2021

Laboratorium Pieśni (which means singing laboratory in Polish) is a group of seven female singers from Poland created in 2013. Through traditional and polyphonic singing, they perform songs from all over the world, but mainly from Eastern Europe.

Beyond simple musical performance, Laboratorium Pieśni awakens the wild and sacred being within us. Their songs are songs of the soul, which allow one to reconnect to one’s deep, wild, sacred nature.

During this weekend, we will approach traditional songs through various methods of working with the voice, the breath and the body. This workshop is an opportunity to give oneself a space for creativity and to reconnect with one’s voice and to experiment with polyphonic singing. It is open to anyone who wishes to develop their vocal expression, learn to use their voice as a working tool, who wishes to have a vocal experience using traditional polyphonic songs, or who wants to find their inner voice. No previous experience is necessary. A concert in the form of sound relaxation is also offered during the evening.