Native American Ceremony: A Journey through Drums

From June 30th to July 2nd 2017

A drum journey is a very ancient visualization technique that allows you to find your power animal or totem animal, a part of your being that might have been lost after various traumas, and to heal from these traumas dating from time immemorial. The different drum vibrations allow you to dive deep into your cellular memory, reviving ancient wounds in order to heal from them.

The ceremony will be led by a Grandmother named Catherine Simon Laguila, born in 1951, and on the red path since 18 years ago. After several years of learning the Lakota Ceremonial Principals, sweat lodges, vision quests, Sun Dance, Chanupa, and drum journeys taught by men and women from various traditions, the time has come to share it with you.

Pricing: The entire ceremony is for 80 chf

Date: From June 30th at 8 am to July 2nd at noon

Accomodation: The Yoga Room includes mattresses and is provided free of cost. Private double rooms can also be rented for 25 chf per person.

Bring along: It’s suggested you bring your own sleeping bag, something to write with, tabacco to make an offering to the Spirits, and food to share after the ceremony

To Apply: Please contact

With help from the world of spirits, drums establish contact with the energy being that we are, giving it back its place, making it live, making us hear it, and giving us a deeper understanding of our incarnation on this earth and relation to everything around us. Open to everyone including children, this is a real step forward in self-knowledge and understanding others.