Yoga & dance therapy with live music

From October 22 to 24 by Mélina and Nouri

Mélina and Nouri will offer us a lively and vibrant weekend full of emotions and sensations where we’ll discover different tools to awaken the body and the voice. It is through exploration and practice that we will together create a weekend rich in Teachings, Joy and Sharing. Dance, yoga, music and singing are the keys that open us to the magnificent reality that we deserve to experience! To listen to ourselves and to what resonates within in order to live in harmony with the universe, that’s the plan!

Dates: From Friday, October 22 at 7pm to Sunday, October 24 at 4pm.

Price: 250 chf (233 euros) for all 3 days.

Lodging: The workshop space is also a bed and breakfast, so you can sleep on the floor in the yoga room for 25 CHF (23 euros) a night. We provide mats and blankets, but please bring a liner, sheet or sleeping bag. In both cases, you will have access to showers, toilets, kitchen, garden, cat, etc.

Food: Community kitchen. More details on the facebook page.

Language: This workshop will be in French, but if you need we can translate for you in real time

For the detailed program, registration and payment, see the facebook event.


In harmony with nature, I was introduced to meditation, yoga and body awareness at a very young age. I’m passionate about the human being, the universe and creative expression. At the age of 18, I started creating humanitarian projects and what I call “education in consciousness” through my Association ARTpente le Monde to help children in different countries.

I lived in Auroville as an art therapist and emotional educator with Tamil children for 2 years. There, I was able to refine my research, my understanding and receive teachings that are very precious to me. Today, as a nomad, I continue my research in somatics through dance, movement therapy, the study of body mind centering (BMC) and voice…


is an artist with joy of living and overflowing light. He has been exploring the sacred fields of Yoga, Meditation and Intuitive Chanting since he was 17 years old. For 10 years he has been developing tools to appropriate these practices and make them a unique art that resonates with his being. Inspired by living arts from all over the world, he has the vocation today to transmit to us what for him is “a blessing”: the keys to awakening.

Bhakti Yoga with Yogi Maheshwar

Weekend from July 16th to 18th 2021

Hatha and Bhakti Yoga
In this one-weekend workshop led by renowned Yogi Maheshwar, we will combine sitting in silence, devotional chanting, the practice of Khecari Mudra, and the pillars of yoga – Asana, Pranayama, and Dharana.

Shiva Temple
The Sunday ceremony will include the practice of lingastakam – devotional singing – as well as establishing a Shiva temple. A black volcanic stone symbolizing the Shiva lingam will be set in the ground, along with chanting, offerings to the Yoni-Lingam and planting a trident.

“I am no Master! I can’t fully understand the inner world of an aspirant, to judge the quality of their meditation in order to accompany them to yoga – Union with the Divine. I am above all a Servant, the motor of my sadhana is to Serve Life, to Serve my Master”

Friday July 16th, late afternoon: welcoming the participants, meal, introduction and moment of Silence.

Saturday, 5 am to 10 am: Morning practices, sitting in silence and devotional chanting.

10:30 am to 3 pm: Hatha Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Dharana)

3 pm to 7 pm: Yogic sharing (Khecari Mudra) and lingastakam (devotional chanting dedicated to Shiva that we will practice in preparation for the Sunday ceremony).

Sunday, 5 am to 2 pm: silent sitting, lingastakam practice, and establishing the Shiva temple

Pricing: The workshop can be paid by units in case you can’t attend the whole event.

  • Friday: 30 chf
  • Saturday: 70 chf per unit (total of 3 units)
  • Sunday: one continuous unit for 140 chf
  • Whole workshop: 300 chf

To secure your spot, please make a prepayment of 70 chf on the Viayoga payment portal (secured by Paypal). Refundable up to two weeks before the course. For old fashion bank-transfer, please contact us.

If you have financial difficulties, contact us and we can figure something out.

Lodging: 25 chf per night in the yoga room with showers available. Mattresses, cushions and blankets are provided, but please bring your own liner or sheet.

Food: The formula is flexible, and free of charge. Just bring whatever you want in terms ingredients to cook with, share and eat together. The kitchen and dishes are available for all, and Viayoga provides tea for free. Please note that for the whole weekend, we’re only planning 3 real meals: Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday in the early afternoon.

Taoism and the Yi Jing

3 lessons in December and January (online, open price)

This is a series of 3 online lessons on Taoism, specifically the Yi Jing (the Book of Changes), which are on December 5th, January 17th and January 30th. They are 2 hours-long each, accessible from anywhere and for anyone, at open price.

The teacher is Laurent Rochat from St-Cergue. Unfortunately, they are in French only and are quite heavy on theory. Here’s the link to the French description and info. For any questions, contact

Laboratorium Pieśni

January 12th to 13th, 2021

Laboratorium Pieśni (which means singing laboratory in Polish) is a group of seven female singers from Poland created in 2013. Through traditional and polyphonic singing, they perform songs from all over the world, but mainly from Eastern Europe.

Beyond simple musical performance, Laboratorium Pieśni awakens the wild and sacred being within us. Their songs are songs of the soul, which allow one to reconnect to one’s deep, wild, sacred nature.

During this weekend, we will approach traditional songs through various methods of working with the voice, the breath and the body. This workshop is an opportunity to give oneself a space for creativity and to reconnect with one’s voice and to experiment with polyphonic singing. It is open to anyone who wishes to develop their vocal expression, learn to use their voice as a working tool, who wishes to have a vocal experience using traditional polyphonic songs, or who wants to find their inner voice. No previous experience is necessary. A concert in the form of sound relaxation is also offered during the evening.

December workshops with Charlotte de Perrot

Four workshops from december 5th to 27th

December 5 to 6: Exploration workshops
We will work on internal and external exploration, with tools like the body, voice, drawing, painting, writing, sculpture …

December 12 to 13: Meeting with our voice
We will work on exploring, expressing and playing with our own voice, revealing our deeper being.

December 20: A Sunday for the sacred feminine
A day dedicated to celebrating our deep femininity and all that it represents through creation, song, dance, understanding our lunar cycles, our link to the moon!

December 26 to 27: Approaching the body
We will work with our body. Through various experiences such as body drawing, living model, dance, movement, we will explore the body in all that it represents. Without obligation, we will also approach nudity.

Lodging: The practice space is also a guest house, so you can sleep on floor mattresses. Just bring your own sleeping bag / sheets. The price is 20 chf per night (18 euros), which includes showers, kitchen, garden, cat, etc. Or you can reserve a private room in our guest house, priced at 80 chf per night (75 euros).

To apply, call Charlotte at +41 79 489 72 11. You can also check out her website at

Limits of the Body, limits of the Mind

November 22nd 2020, online

A live-streamed workshop on incarnating Taoist teachings, by Laurent Rochat.

The session will include an interactive conference on Taoism, physical exercises, consciousness observation, practical work, and guided meditation.

Language: French

Date: November 22nd 2020, 9:30am – 10:45pm

Pricing: Free price!

To sign up: follow this link and you will receive your personal e-ticket.

Circlesongs Workshop by Gaël Aubrit

September 19th to 22nd (with options)

This workshop is for singers of all backgrounds and levels looking to improve their vocal accuracy and rythm in a supportive environment and with a chorus. Or for anyone already familiar with vocal improv eager to widen their musical vocabulary and further enhance their skills. Or, obviously, for anyone already in love with CircleSongs.

The workshop includes plenty of singing around improvised CircleSongs created by Gaël as well as spaces for other participants to add their musical flavor. Some of the CircleSongs would be purely artistic, but here we would work mostly on specific skills like accuracy, rythm, harmonics, tone, articulation, energy, listening and cohesion, all tailored to the participant’s individual needs. Most CircleSongs would then be repeated a good number of times until they reach a well refined state. Solos from whoever are also always welcome!

Date: Saturday September 19th to Sunday September 20th (“main” workshop) from 10:30 am to around 12:30 pm and from around 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, then Monday September 21st and Tuesday September 22nd (workshop “extension”) for whoever wants.

Accomodation : The practice space is also a guest house, so you can sleep on floor mattresses. Just bring your own sleeping bag / sheets. The price is 20 chf per night (18 euros), which includes showers, kitchen, garden, cat, etc. Or you can reserve a private room in our guest house, priced at 80 chf per night (75 euros).

Food: Bring your personal meal or bring food to share with others, buffet style.

To Apply and find out more, check out


Gaël Aubrit is a singing teacher with passion for improv and CircleSongs. After a degree in Musical Studies, he undertook the “Modern Singing Techniques” by Allan Wright and became a certified teacher, after which he followed workshops in the US with Bobby McFerrin. He is also trained in Nonviolent Communication.

He teaches in all kinds of institutes (Établissement Pénitentiaire pour Mineurs in Rhône, Agence Mayenne Culture, VoxLab in Montpellier, CFMI in Lyon, various theater and music schools) and for many audience types (groups, choruses, professional and amateur singers). He’s also the creator of Improvie, a 3-year training course based on collective vocal improv, and he co-founded Chant Pour Tous, a movement aimed at popularizing vocal improv.

Wellness & Fasting

Cleansing at the deepest level

Spend one week fasting in a mountain environment and doing daily treks to replenish your body and mind. Professionally guided and open for all, with groups no bigger than 6 people to give you all the attention you need.

What’s the point of fasting?

Our digestive system is said to be a second brain and plays a crucial role on mental and physical health. Fasting allows it to clean out the toxins accumulated over time, strengthens the immune system by renewing its intestinal flora, and regenerates the body’s cells. But the consumer society tells us to eat all the time and prevents our system from doing its maintainance work properly. This habit is quite recent, possibly just a few decades old. When you fast, your body restores itself on every level: it taps into the fat cells instead of blood sugar to find energy, giving way to a deep-level detox. This “system restore” is what the medical world calls autolysis.

And what about hiking?

A daily physical activity is primordial to maintaining good health and hiking allows us to absorb nature’s inherent beauty. Our body’s fat-reserves provide all the energy we need, and relaxed physical activity helps lose weight without losing muscle mass. Walking is the world’s oldest sport, for which the body is perfectly designed, making it the best activity to complement a fasting retreat. Our walks will include wild plant identification and foraging in order to make our own natural herbal teas for further cleansing. Walks will be adapted to the participants and the group’s energy. The Oujon Ruins, the Fruitière de Nyon, Ballade à Béatrix and many other pleasant walks start from Saint-Cergue. And don’t worry: this is leisurely walking for health, not an extreme sport.

Fasting for the spirit

Our modern lives are characterized by a constant flow of information, too much and too fast for us to digest. So many things we think we need, leading to lives of excess. We should learn to settle down, take a step back, breathe, and clear our minds. A one-week fast is a personal adventure that can change your view of the world.

Accomodation: In Switzerland, retreats take place in the mountain setting of Viayoga Center, and in Czech Republic at the Dolni Bela Retreat Center, a calm foresty abode 120 km away from Prague.

Pricing: 600 chf for the Switzerland retreats and 500 chf for Czech Republic. The price covers lodging, food (just kidding, but warm drinks are served to help cleanse the system), teachings, guided treks, and a 24-hour personal assistance.

Dates: The upcoming dates are yet to be defined. Please contact us to talk about it.

To Apply: Contact Iva Viatte at or +41 79 573 01 66

Drop your baggage. Give yourself the space and time you need to face life with mental clarity: fasting will lighten your spirit, giving you the right tools to sort your thoughts and make deicisions you might have been putting off for a long time. You will realize why every religion has it’s own version of fasting and why we’ve had it for thousands of years.

Art in the Wilderness with Philmar

September 9th to 10th 2017

Phillip Martin has 30 years of professional musical experience and teaches singing based on instrospection and listening to oneself. Connecting to one’s nature, to our environment, and to those around us makes way for our natural creativity.

The ViaYoga Center, 1000m high and bordering the National Park of Jura and Vaud, gives us the right environment to do our activities outdoors and feel for ourselves the effect nature has on our creativity. Phillip and his crew will guide singing, both individually and in groups, meditation, Afghan Walking, discovering therapeutical essential oils, natural paints, painting with music, foraging, cooking with wild plants, and blindfold singing.

Pricing: 120 chf for one day, 200 chf for both

Date: From September 9th to 10th, starting at 10 am

Food: Shared meal – bring whatever you fancy and share it buffet-style.

To Apply: Contact Iva Viatte:, +4122 366 39 80